Who We Are

A Team That Loves to Create

About Eshaan Energy
Realizing the tremendous potential of solar power, Eshaan Energy is harnessing to
promote green energy. Eshaan Energy is established with the objective of
constructing and developing power projects.

Eshaan Energy is a MSME, NSIC registered Company.

By partnering with core manufacturing, technology and system integration
providers, Eshaan executes projects. Our competencies encompass all the key
elements especially in the solar power chain in solar photovoltaic technologies.

Eshaan Energy is women owned firm.

What We Do

Keep It Simple

To become a leading independent power producer with operating assets of 100 MW by

To delight the stakeholders with maximal de-risked revenue streams from various
operating Clean Energy assets
Be a key stakeholder in facilitating high environmental sustainability for the future through
green power

Our values include:
Ethics and Integrity
Environmental Health and promoting a safe work environment, healthy lifestyles
Respect where we treat everyone with dignity and provide a secure work environment.
Excellence where we pursue outstanding and sustainable results.