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Financing - Solar Solutions For Residential

Take the right step into the world of Solar Power Solutions with our Hassle-free and Easy Financing Schemes for both Residential Customers as well as SMEs and C&Is.

Solar Power means guaranteed savings on your electricity bills and more money to power your business needs.


  • High Efficiency:- Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) based inverter for maximum output.
  • Remote Monitoring:- Communication interface available (optional).
  • Digital Display:- For easy readability.
  • Active Fault Monitoring Unit:- For safe operations.


  • Cut down on your electricity bills
  • Trusted, dependable and long lasting system
  • Sell excess power back to grid
  • Green energy,clean energy
  • Hedge against ever increasing electricity tariffs

Financing- Solar Solutions For Non Residential

Go Solar and Save Big

A simple and cost-effective way to enhance your savings and pledge for a greener and cleaner environment.

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